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Tabular corundum
Tabular corundum
Tabular corundum is a pure sintered alpha corundum material, which is a compact body that is quickly sintered at a temperature higher than 1900°C without sintering aids. The tabular corundum has approximately 200 μm and well-developed hexagonal plate-shaped alpha corundum crystals. Its excellent thermal volume stability and thermal shock resistance can be attributed to the special microstructure of tabular corundum: few open pores, large crystals, and closed spherical pores trapped by recrystallization during rapid sintering. Tabular corundum has extremely high heat resistance, mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, high chemical purity, excellent insulation properties, and good acid and alkali corrosion resistance. Tabular corundum is the preferred aggregate for unshaped and shaped high-performance refractories. It is widely used in steel, foundry, petrochemical, ceramics and incineration industries. Other application areas include electrical insulators, kiln furniture and catalyst carriers. The ground corundum powder is an excellent product used as a filler for epoxy resin or resin systems. It can be used to obtain the desired high insulation strength, thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance.