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Mr. Feng Gangjun

CEO and Chairman of Board

Welcome !


Since its foundation in 2007 with the spirit of enterprise creating a better and richer society,HECHENG has greatly contributed to building the 'Best Electrical Mineral Producer of China'.


Under the determination to 'create an aesthetic space' as a constructor, it has successfully completed various, etc. both home and abroad.


Based on its firm base in domestic market as the leader in the special cement industry, it has directed its target towards overseas markets, from the early stage of its life, and has earned good reputations through keen competitions with the overseas cement manufacturers and electrical mineral consumer in the international markets. With the technological expertise and potentials, it has accumulated widening the scope of offerings of the electrical raw materials of China.

HECHENG has placed the gravity, especially, on the development of new products to actively meet with the every changing environment of the refractory industry. its recent efforts are being focused on 'the Creation of New Minerals' that will satisfy the customers high and diversified demands.

We always think about the sustained growth and prosperity, so we focus our core capabilities on new business areas and strengthening our competitiveness. As a result of this efforts, we launch new plant which fusing valuable minerals in 2011, and it will bring us springboards for the prosperity..

HECHENG, aged 18 years, promise to be committed to becoming the top global manufacturer of basic materials in the near future.

Thank you very much.

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