Reactive Alumina

Fused iron aluminum spinel
Fused iron aluminum spinel
"Jun" brand fused iron-aluminum spinel is made by smelting iron oxide compound and industrial alumina powder in a large high-temperature electric arc furnace. Al-Al spinel is a rare mineral of the spinel family in nature. "Jun" brand fused iron-aluminum spinel belongs to normal spinel with cubic structure. It has the characteristics of high purity, high bulk density, strong corrosion resistance, good kiln hanging performance, and low thermal conductivity. With the development of the domestic cement industry and the promotion of domestic large-scale cement kilns, many small-scale, high-pollution, high-energy consumption The cement production enterprises in China have been closed and stopped, and some high-polluting, high-energy-consuming refractory materials will be replaced by new and green refractory materials. Iron-aluminum spinel (FeO.AL2O3) is a new type of environmentally friendly material with excellent corrosion resistance and good elastic modulus. It plays a significant role in promoting the chromium-free domestic cement production and is an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of magnesium and chromium materials. Non-polluting high-quality materials. Mainly used in the burning zone of cement rotary kiln.